User Experience Design Process

Why we need UX or UX process flow?

UX design process has been adopted as very important and valuable stage in any project. There is no one definition for UX design process, but base on my experience, I‘d like to share my understanding of it. UX plays double duty or sometimes even more, not only communicate with clients for the deliverables of understanding projects, the time and effort of passing strategies, but also keep designers / developers understanding the business objectives, user goals and make sure they are all on the right track. UX design process flow can help team having a clear roadmap when they are deep diving into designing/developing web, web applications and mobile apps.

Design brief:

  • What is the product or service?
  • Who are we designing for?
  • Why do we need the new features on the product or service?
  • What is going to motivate users to use our product / service?
  • What technology users need to be able to complete the tasks?
  • Users really care about the cool, latest technology?
  • How to make the transaction and interaction feel simple and relevant to users?
UX process flow

ux process flow