Hot Seat Balloon

About the project

Hot Seat Balloon company did not provide a user experience that fulfilled user needs in the mobile-first market. Redesign the Hot Seat Balloon sites as responsive design to help them access the services / business anytime anywhere. The ease of use the new responsive sites can encourage brand interaction and keep customers coming back.


1. The organization of information, fonts/ graphics are inconsistent.
2. Only take order by phone or email, big miss of the market of online users.
3. Web / desktop base only, missing opportunities of mobile users

My role

I am User Experience Architect and User interface designer on this project, responsible for sitemap, persona, wireframes of desktop, tablet and phone version, functional specifications and visual design. Also responsible for usability testing and data analysis.

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User goal

Comfortable and confident on organized information, feel more reliable on content consistent level, be able to review prices, ride destinations and schedule, purchase rides online via different platforms.

Business goal

Generate increased revenue by being the changes of opening to order online and even order it on the go. Provide weather condition updates hourly and cancellation policy due to bad weather / safety issue in order to let users more manageable of rides and fit to users’ expectations.

User Research

Identifying and scheduling interviews with users has been a challenging exercise, due to time constraints and accessibility. I walked through company database and reached out to a number of customers, the company manager coordinated the interviews, was a great help. The purpose of doing this was to understand users’ behaviors, motivations and needs.

From the user research synthesis, I generated three key user personas as below, representing different groups of people we had identified from our user interviews.

Journey mapping

The original site is 3 tabs, all the information grouped in the homepage, users are overwhelmed by large amount of information at one site and lost focus.

My approach: Categorize and reorganize the information on the sites for each tab, easily for users to see the overview as top high level. Smoothly transfer users to nav through other tabs as need.

Sketches of journey mapping

Sketches of journey mapping





Wireframes for desktop, tablet and phone

desktop wireframe


tablet wireframe


phone wireframe


Usability review analysis

Usability review analysis

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